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Precision Service & Pumps Inc. was established in the spring of 1992 and is proudly Canadian owned and operated. The founding members determined that the pump industry had room for an aggressive service directed pumping solutions company with innovative ideas. This new company must be committed to providing its clients with improved service call time frames, competitive job rates, and exceptional quality workmanship on projects we secure anywhere in the province of British Columbia or Western Canada for that matter.

With our Head Office strategically located in the Fraser Valley City of Abbotsford, a location that provides exceptional access to all municipalities and regions throughout the province of British Columbia, we are situation and response ready within any 24 hour period if need be. Service to all points north, east and south of our provincial boundaries including the Pacific Northwest U.S. States of Washington and Oregon are also very accessible from a service call viewpoint.


Our extended service and coverage area has frequently included work in the Yukon, Northwest Territories, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and has even included a project off of the coast of Russia. This latter mentioned contract was our companies' first successful introduction to an international work site, and it proved to be quite a challenging job working on an off shore oil platform in the Bearing Strait. This contract was very formidable indeed, but it provided our company with new and valuable work experience as well as introduced us to a number of additional skill sets that could only be aquired in that kind of work location and environment.

Precision Service & Pumps Inc. is very interested in quoting on and taking part in international projects by means of a consultative role, supply only position, providing manpower, equipment or a combination of any or all of the forgoing. Our many years of experience in the industry along with the financial commitments made to equipment, technology, education and manpower keeps our company at the apex of change within our industry, and we believe these considerations auger well for inclusion in any international opportunities.



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Water Supply Association of BC                    


Environmental Operators Certification Program


Small Water Users Association of BC 


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