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Maintenance Programs

Maintenance Program

Precision Service & Pumps Inc. offers regularly scheduled preventative maintenance programs to make sure you get the absolute best service from your pumps, blowers, compressors, gearboxes and drives. Your pumps will last longer and your operation will stay running, resulting in the lowest cost, the fewest problems and without interruption.

Even if your pump is in good operating condition, now is the time to contact Precision Service & Pumps to inquire about our inspection and preventative maintenance services. Timely inspections and servicing can detect potential problems in their early stages, before they can lead to catastrophic failures

A well-maintained pump will give you many years of reliable, trouble-free service. Most importantly, you won't be surprised by unscheduled downtime and costly interruptions.


Structured Maintenance Program (SMP)

Many of our customers have already enjoyed the advantages of our Precision Structured Maintenance Program, and we feel it is the only way to reduce costly repairs and promote a trouble free long service life for your equipment investment. The program is designed to save our clients money on costly pump repairs and to reduce the potential for catastrophic failures. Not only does our program help prevent untimely pump repairs it also ensures your system is running at full efficiency saving you operating costs and energy.


The SMP advantages include the following:

Savings on pump repair expenses.

Routine maintenance reduces costly pump system breakdowns and increases your return on investment.

Regular maintenance extends the life of your pump system and makes it more reliable and saves on utility expenses by going green.

Structured maintenance provideds for a more capable power usage demand ongoing, but should your system ever begin to fail, SMP gives you help before you need it.

The Structured Maintenance Program gives the client priority customer status and peace of mind.

You get 24-hour, 365-day emergency service.



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