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Well Flow Testing

Well Flow Tests

Precision provides all specialized equipment, expertise and personnel to sucessfully undertake a well flow test at any location where a well has been drilled or dug, no matter how isolated or the time of year. If you have a well that needs testing, Precision can handle any situation.

Precision has a large and varied inventory of pumps, available for use on well tests. This fact means that owners can rely on accurate data, because Precision provides just the right pump for the specific job at hand. Our current inventory, of submersible motors from 0.5HP to 150HP, allows us to test pump wells with flows up to 4000 US gpm and as deep as 1000 ft. If necessary, and we can provide equipment to achieve higher flows and higher heads for any project a client may have


Precision has tremendous background experience in conducting well tests throughout the Pacific Northwest. We have conducted tests at work sites that are often location challenged and  in pristine,



environmentally sensitive areas, requiring great care to ensure that all of the local, Federal, State, Provincial and Municipal regulations are followed to the letter.

Our company takes pride in the fact that we always follow the best accepted practices at all jobsites to ensure that our activities are not detrimental to the environment.




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To learn more about Well Flow Testing, click the link below.

http://www.csus.edu/indiv/h/hornert/Geol_210_Fall 2009/Step test analysis week 11/Step Test Theory.pdf