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Well Re-Development

Precision crews are experienced in re-developing wells that have experienced a drop in production rates. Using a variety of techniques from surging to jetting, in combination with PSP Descaler and PSP Plus+ bio-degradeable chemical product applications, we have had tremendous success at salvaging a well, when the alternative is a costly replacement of the well. 

Precision's re-development techniques have actually allowed some wells to achieve flow rates that become higher than the well production rates that were established when the well was initially drilled and developed.



Iron Oxide

When iron oxide residues build up in the well/bore, production drops and maintenance costs can spiral out of control. The slippery orange iron deposits are due to the conversion (oxidation) of dissolved iron by naturally occurring bacteria (I.R.B.). It is not only unpleasant for the operators but, more importantly, it is indicative of a system that is steadily becoming constricted, inefficient and expensive to maintain. Iron oxide residues affect stainless steel as well as cast iron and the various different types of plastic groundwater pumps.


Mineral Scale Problems

Groundwater moving through rock, soil, gravels and sands gradually dissolves mineral salts . After many years the groundwater may be nearly saturated with some minerals. Any change in the conditions of the groundwater, such as those caused when pumping from an aquifer, may cause deposition of these minerals. These deposits often form a hard brittle cement-like "scale" similar to that found in some water pipes or the bottoms of kettles



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To learn more about Water Well Re-Development, click the link below.