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Troubleshooting The Well System

A solution to a water or wastewater system problem is not always a straight forward proposition. Often our first contact with the client is by telephone and regularly both the system as well as the client, are new to Precision. Questions on what kind of system it is, what it is doing or not doing, the sounds it is making and the results of various tests our Technical Representatives may ask clients to perform, are all first steps to an accurate diagnosis, resolution and is the basis of our cost ESTIMATE for repair.

We keep detailed and accurate customer records each time we work on a system, so if the failing system is new to us, we rely on the customers knowledge of their system and their verbal description as to what is happening. The Technical Service Representative uses both the clients feedback information and our years of field experience working on similar systems with like issues and known problems to formulate a pre-visit diagnosis which allows for us to tool up to conduct the on-sight physical inspection.

In most all cases the client would like us to identify and even accurately diagnose what the issues are and what the cost of repairs will be without viewing the system first hand, and this is almost impossible. We could never rely totally on a telephone evaluation and diagnosis of a problem, because a number of well or pump related issues mimic one another, this is why our invoices start out as work "ESTIMATES", because we never know the true depth of a problem until we can physically check out the clients system.

The second part of an accurate diagnosis of a system problem is the dispatching of a Field Service Technician to meet with you and conduct an on-sight evaluation and inspection of your system. Often problems can be fairly minor in nature, but sometimes there are concealed issues that only reveal the underlying cause of the problem after our onsite Technician dismantles parts of the clients hardware. When this is complete, we should be able to tell you exactly what your problem is and what needs to be done to get your system up and going.

If the scope of the work involves the removal of a pump from a well and the pump can be repaired once we do a "strip and inspection" or should it need to be replaced, the costs for the system repair or replacement could now move from an ESTIMATE to an actual INVOICE.

Clients should be reminded that ALL job Quotes/Estimates have the potential to yield Hidden or CONCEALED damage once the actual work takes place. This is damage that only shows itself or becomes apparent after a strip and inspection of the system. Other potential considerations involve site FACTORS on re-installation of the repaired or replaced system and these costs may not have been included in the original ESTIMATE or Quote, and as such these unforeseen costs must be factored in when we do the actual work and present our final invoice.

In each and every case, our Service Technicians will not  proceed with any EXTRAS without the clients prior knowledge of the situation and their approval.

All of the repairs and service work Precision Service & Pumps Inc undertakes is covered by our standard one-year limited warranty.